28 June 2007

Betta has taken over...

You may have noticed the site looks a little different, it's because I finally caved and gave into blogger betta. Now I have to go back and put all my links back in so the blog can be a good comic resource for visitors. Plus I have to tweak a whole bunch of things so hopefully it will be back to normal soon.

I've been thinking lots about how to convince people to make zines, I mean why print. This is all in my head as I may be doing a zine workshop in a week or so, telling high school kids all about zines. I have plently of reasons and answers myself but how do you convince a younger generation? My opinion is that even though the internet is great for reaching a wide audience it is still a fairly temporary thing. In ten years time will this blog be around, or if it is will the archive be so huge you would not bother actually reading them? It's led to all sorts of questions in my head. One problem that I find with the new technlogy is that it changes and advances so fast that there isn't any time for a culture to build up around it. Take DVD's for example they're just about to be replaced with blueray and if that fails it'll be something else. What do you think?


Ian T. said...

There's the smell of print - mmmm, and the fact that you can hold that ziney comicky thing in your own sweaty hands, and chuck it in a plastic box, where it should still be in 10 years, when you can find it again and wonder what ever you were thinking when you drew it :).

Print still rules!

awcomix said...

I totally agree!