8 June 2007

Toner lifespan

I’ve been trying to further my research into the longevity of Black and white photocopies. The photocopy prints I have done in the past have been done on high quality Arches water colour paper (it even has a calcium carbonate buffer) and sealed with a polymer varnish.
I’ve never really been able to get a rough number on the life span of photocopies, it seems now one really knows. I have a vauge recollection of readin80-100 years somewhere but I’m not sure where. in that cause B&W copies outlast most colour photographic methods (30-70 years)
Theres lots of imformation on how to make a good photocopy butI haven’t been able to sft through the information enough to find definite studies and scientific reasoning.

Although I did find this today on the Columbia university libraries site:

“Preservation photocopies are made with acid-free paper that can last at least a century.”

And also this on perserving journals:

"Toner's a trickier issue, but here's a rule of thumb: You'll get better longevity from a laser printer than an ink-jet. That's because laser printing bonds the toner to the paper, much like a photocopier. Get a laser printout wet, and you'll see little effect on the ink; do the same to an ink-jet printout, and you'll likely wind up with fuzzy, incomprehensible blobs."

So if Photocopies out last most inkjet prints and photographic methods, and other unstable art materials like watercolours and pastels why aren't they used more often, or given more respect? I guess as photocopies are seen as an easy thing do do and there fore not artistic[?]

Does any one have any links to articles or knowledge in this area?

I’ve had trouble finding the paper I wanted to use for the next comic. But after searching in three stores I found what I was after. The cover will look a little like this:
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Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder about all printing. What about offset printing? I just happen to work at one so I guess I will have to ask the press supervisor if he knows.

awcomix said...

Offset black would be pretty good but offset colour is known to be not very good, all you have to do is just look at posters that have been on the wall for 5-10 years to see the fading of colours, especially reds and yellows