7 June 2007

Space Monkey

I’ve had this weird thing happen to me recently that I can’t figure out. I find myself spacing out when people talk to me, and not random people, everyone! I mean I usually a pretty spacey person anyway. I have a very vivid memory of my year 8 English teacher getting really mad at me for not paying attention and called me a dreamer as an insult.

I’m starting to worry that I having negative effects from not drawing. My concentration is just totally shot I can’t focus at all and my brain feels scattered all the time. Admittedly we are on the very brink of having a baby at any moment so maybe that could account for some of it. I used to frequently do zen meditation but the last year I just haven’t been able to be disciplined enough to do it.

In other good news I was able to print out a proof copy of the next issue of ‘7 pages digest’ (#8) I’ll be going over it tonight and spell checking and making sure generally everything is in order. I’m hoping to get it printed early next week.

I had an idea the other week to produce one print every month and offer it for sale, but like I said I’ve been pretty spacey. I’m still hoping to get around to it though.

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