4 June 2007

MP3 and thirty days...

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I finally joined the 21st century and bought an MP3 player. I'd been fighting the urge that I felt had been deeply marketed into me to buy an ipod for the last 2-3 years. I sometimes think we plug ourselves in too much and usually I like to just hear the natural sounds of my environment when I'm walking into town. But we've been discussing getting one for awhile now and we justified it by saying it was a joint birthday present between us and also to have music to relax heather in the early stages of labour; that is if the labour goes to plan which I now is not always so.

The annoying thing about the player though is that i love using itunes on my mac computer, I like the interface and I'm familiar with it's settings. So of coarse itunes doesn't work with non ipod players...that is unless you download one of the add on programs to help you work with itunes. I eventually found a mac program that allows you to use non ipod devices (memory cards, mobile phones, mp3 players etc) the first one I tried was 'synctunes' but I was finding my playlist didn't upload exactly onto my player so I tried another one called 'itunemywalkman' and I think the same thing happened. But I'm now thinking that it's my actual player, as on further inspection there is an option to listen to music as sorted by artist albulm etc. I guess it’ll just take awhile to get used of the players nuances.
I was listening to the player yesterday as I was walking around doing some things at school and realising what all the fuss was about. Yes your completely tuned out of your surroundings but it’s like having a soundtrack to your life. Which I guess gives you a sense of detachment and you can have a giggle about yourself.

In other news I got invited to join in the 30 day project again this year, which bi felt I should decline. Even though my wrist and arm feels a lot better I’m still just trying to hang back a little and not rush back into injury. But I thought instead every few days I could post a list of creative things I’ve been doing. Sometimes it might be an artwork other times it might just be buying paper.
Here’s my list so far staring from the 1st of June:

Fri 1st- Experimented with paper lithography. Mixed results need to undertake further tests.
Sat 2nd- Went through last years sketch book to collect the pages for my next zine
Sun 3rd- Drew a small picture in my recovery journal about my wrist.
Mon 4th- Printed a photo out that I’ll be drawing/collaging for the cover of my next zine (7 pages #8) did some initial drawing over the print.
Tues 5th- Finish drawing for cover with ink washes and touch ups. Digital artwork for blog

The you go. It might sounds pretty lame but it’s enough to keep me going creatively at the moment.

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