13 June 2007

New machine

As I posted yesterday I printed my new book. The copy store I use had a new B&W machine, but no need to panic, it’s just as good and has more features (the thing’s huge!) This machine can collate fold and staple a book from A4 pages. Maybe this is something many have access to but this is a first for me. No more collating folding and stapling, and at no extra charge! I’m thinking this would be a good option for anyone wanting to make a hardcopy of emails or blog postings, as who knows how long they’ll last…Not that I actually write some sort of readable prose here, just my own little ramblings.
My wrist feels like it’s getting better, to afraid to take the leap and do a little drawing. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare to put it simply


Ive said...

This machine sounds AMAZING!! Is the shop run by wizards?

Nic said...

Hi Tones
Long time, no see. Glad you like my blog. I've just discovered yours, and I'll keep an eye on it in future. I saw your hour-by-hour comic on Leigh's blog. Funny stuff!

awcomix said...

Ive: I know how cool is that! I'm going t take a word doc in to test it out.
Nic: Yeah I';m really enjoying your posts! It's like a real blog!