23 June 2007

A real blog post!

It’s been a strange week really. Our baby’s due date was last Sunday so we’ve been on tender hooks all week. It’s the strangest thing not knowing when it’s going to happen. Will we be at home, asleep or otherwise busy? Do you make plans or not? There’s also the explaining every time you see some one, ‘no baby yet...’

I also wrapped up the first school semester this week, with marking and reviewing students work, which is a hard task. There are so many factors involved in marking, decisions have to be made quickly. There’s something enjoyable about that finality of a deadline, less enjoyable when you’re on the other end I guess. However, that is life, you only get so much time and only so many chances. I realised this as we’ve had some visiting lecturers the past two months, who this week will be flying back home and I feel like I was just getting to know them.

Often we can be tricked by the passage of time; it changes so slowly we hardly notice it all. Then along comes that deadline, a job ends, and friends move away, and there’s no more time and no more excuses that can keep things the same.


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW ... only another week at the most before Baby arrives :) Thinking of you all :)))

Lumpen said...

Looked everywhere in Chinatown for those Animal Crossing toys. Couldn't find them. Me & Pete got you and the missus some little handy presents today. Will be up this week once the baby is born!