23 July 2007

The bone cruncher

awcomix collage
Yesterday I went to the new physiotherapist as recommended by my previous one. When I left the house Heather has reminded me to be positive about the visit and hope that this new guy had some answers. My appointment was at 3.50 and I got there on time, and checked in at the desk. After a few minutes I was directed into a curtained off room by the receptionist. I’d gone into this appointment with a fairly negative outlook after suffering from this problem for 5 months, I had not seemed to get any where with it, I was still as clueless as when it started. But here I was at the appointment, sitting in a weird little curtained of room listening to other patients answer questions about how much football they play a week and feeling awkward about explaining my vague but serious symptoms to yet another specialist. As each minute went past I was getting more agitated, I looked at my watch and it was twenty minutes past my appointment time, I wondered if I should just leave. A few minutes later he walked into the room and introduced himself and I tried to smile and not look agitated about the whole thing not working out again. He got straight down to business and asked me some questions and tried as best as I could to explain the various symptoms, “sometimes it hurts here other time here, sometimes this bit feels sore and tense then other times I get this weird numb achy feeling over here…”
He seemed to think that it was something stemming from the neck as I was getting symptoms in both wrists and when he checked my neck he confirmed it was tense. After pressing a certain nerve he seemed to be confidant that something was right, as pressure extremely hurt in that area. He got me to lay face down on, one of those massage beds, with the hole for your face, and take off my shirt. Whilst massaging an area of my back, he asked me for permission to perform a procedure with my neck that carried with it a certain risk, one of the risks being death, but don’t worry “it’s only 1 in 4 million and it’s never happened to me before”. He also said he had to do a similar thing on my back but that area wasn’t as risky. It’s not as if I could realty say no, I said “Yes, but make sure you talk me through it…”
He started on my back first, I took a big deep breath in then out, then SNAP!CRUCH! he’d pressed down on my back with force, I’ve never heard my back make so many crunching sounds at once. He assured me the neck one wouldn’t be as crunchy as that back one. I turned over and he angled me head and gave it a quick jolt, which I heard a little crack. But no instant death which was good, then he did it on the other side. Once again a little crack and no instant death or strokes. I then sat up and he gave me some stretches to perform every day, I left and made an appointment for a weeks time.
I think it’s too early to tell if it worked but I’m hopefully that we’re on that right track this time. I really hope next time there won’t be the neck and back cracking part.


T. S. said...

nothing so satisfying as the sound made by a series of popping vertebrae... if my own experience with chiropractors is anything to go by, expect it to get really sore and stiff before it gets any better. the body takes some getting used to that kind of manipulation.

awcomix said...

Yeah it did feel a bit sore last night and this morning better now. I definitely think it's stirred something up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I received your e-mail about the wrist pain--thanks, I really appreciate it! I hope the physiotherapy will work out for you. Sounds like I may need to go to a chiropractor myself, but I have a tendency to pop and crunch all by myself . . . Again, thanks! And by the way, your art is very entertaining!

awcomix said...

Thought it may help as I've gone almost 6 months not knowing what to do and never imagining it could be stemming from a back problem!

Anonymous said...

When went to this place that had both doctors and physical therapists, they tested my needles and electric shocks for nerve damage and then sent me for an MRI. They found out I had a herniated disc. The physical therapist found out I had scoliosis. They had me going in to do exercises and stretches three times a week and the physical therapist would push on me and put me in traction. It was like going to the gym to workout then having some guy torture you on the rack. I tell you this, that was a lot funner than the cortisone shot I had.