31 July 2007

The first month

It’s been a month already since Elliott was born, and time has been plodding along as each day we encounter new baby challenges and hurdles. We do seem to be getting used to it in a way, if that is even possible, and I feel confidant of how we’re going with it all. Heathers parents will be coming here from Canada in a few weeks time which will be nice to have a hand around the place.
I feel like I almost getting on top of the whole sleep deprivation issue and haven’t had much insomnia at all.

Went to see the new physiotherapist yesterday for the second time. He was surprised that I hadn’t dramatically improved but I assured him I did feel like we were on the right track with it all. He thought that as this problem had been occurring for over 5 months, it will probably take more time and some extra work to recover. He also felt the condition was definitely treatable and I would improve fairly soon. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to feel somewhat normal again with my wrist and arm. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to draw on a regular basis...

I’ve been trying to figure out how it will affect my drawing, as I’m sure I will be tentative at first and weak handed. Will this break affect my desire to draw? Will it be like when you’re separated from a loved one, and when you see them again it’s just quite not the same? I think if anything, I have gained a further appreciation for the ability, or should I say desire, to write and draw. We often take things for granted and never feel like we have enough. It never occurs to us that we could lose what we already have, and we’re convinced that certain things are guaranteed; nothing in life is guaranteed and things can be appreciated accordingly.

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