8 July 2007

The first week

This last week has been fairly crazy with the arrival of our son and the resulting change in lifestyle. But it’s all worth it to have him here finally safe and sound. It was also such a big relief to get back from the hospital and be in our own space with no interference. We’ve both been surviving on such little sleep, as new parents do, we’ve been like zombies and even the most simple everyday task can take on monumental proportions! But each day it has settled a little and we feel little bit of normal creeping in. Thus far we’ve only ventured around the block as a team, but we’ve both had some small individual ventures outside to run errands.

I just found out that a workshop on Zines I was meant to be running tomorrow has been postponed for now which is a huge relief for me. I was madly trying to find some headspace to do all the last minute prep for it. It may still be going ahead on the Tuesday but there’s a high likelihood it will be cancelled as well. Here’s hoping! Although preparing for it has raised some interesting questions within myself about the nature and history of self publishing and communication.

I think My wrist is improving too. I’ve been doing the Carpal tunnel syndrome therapy for two weeks now with small signs of improvement. I’m too scared at this stage to attempt picking up my drawing pen and test it out, and I’m more inclined to just keep off it until my next Physio appointment. The main treatments I’m undertaking are:

-Wearing a brace at night which has become harder since little Elliott has come home, as I have to take it off each time I get off and I often go back to bed and forget to put it on.

-Taking B6 supplements which I probably should discontinue soon as I’ve read high doses over a long period of time can be bad for you; I’m only taking 50 mg a day.

-Various stretches. I can do some but others seem to irritate the condition, I’ve discontinued the ones that do.

I don’t feel a s sorry for myself as I did initially and if anything it has made me appreciate my love of drawing more. Like most things, you can take them for granted until they’re gone and then it’s a different story. I have no doubt that I’ll be back to some sort of drawing schedule in the next couple of months, and with the new addition I don’t have much headspace to draw anyway!


I’ve done a whole bunch of blog redevelopment over the last few weeks (a creative activity to ground me through this bust time) If you’re reading this through bloglines -which I highly recommend to keep track of your favorite sites!- or My LJ friends page, then take the take to pop over to the site and check out all the links, which include, where to buy my comics, other comic related blogs, and comic related websites and resources.
I’d love for you to leave a comment about any difficulty you find navigation the blog, missing or broken links etc or anything else you would like to see.

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