22 July 2007

More Physio...

I went to see my physiotherapist for the fourth time last Friday. Once again she was surprised that the treatments hadn’t been helping me improve much at and suggested that the problem could be stemming from a shoulder problem. She then referred me to a colleague who specialises in this area.
I could have become frustrated with this situation, where there never seems to be any real answers to the problem. I’m getting through by telling myself that I have a unusual and more complex problem, that I’ll eventually get to the bottom of. For now, I’ve stopped doing all the treatments until I see this new guy tomorrow afternoon. I actually stopped wearing the brace to bed the other night anyway as I’ve been finding it hard to get to sleep; yeah that’s right our baby started sleeping better in the night, then I start having insomnia, it’s a cruel joke!

In regards to drawing and my wrist problems, I seem to have calmed down about giving drawing a rest. I still miss it but I’ve been able to adjust my life to cope. For one thing, I think I’m reading more, I’m even buying pulp war comics to pass the time. My TV intake has increased a little, although it’s still only 3-4 shows a week. I have also been typing more as a way to express myself, as evidenced by this here piece of writing. Still it will be strangely wonderful to be able to express my self through comics sometime soon

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Anonymous said...

My best wishes that you will get down to the bottom of it. Something causing it ... sooner or later they will find it. As you know, it is best that they take their time and find it than cause further risks.

Writing is good. However, when I use the computer it tends to stress my shoulders the most. My suggestion is to get a tape recorder and orally tell story. It can even be in full script form for later illustration.

Good luck. Good to hear the little one sleeping better. I hope you do too.