19 July 2007


I ran into that friend who works at Target the other day. Heather and I were out on a stroll with little Elliot in the pusher. The girl was also with her partner who I had met in passing before. We got to show off Elliott and she also introduced us to her partner properly. At this stage I was excited to ask her about her fellow Target employee who was talking about me, the mystery dude, it took a few seconds to jog her memory. She then laughed and told me that she said to him I work in town, so that’s why he must see me a lot. It was a little anti climatic as I was expecting some further details of what he had said. We finished up talking and parted ways. As we were walking off the thought struck me, ‘had Heather met these two before’? I really thought she had as we often go to the same Indian restaurant, and I’ve seen them there whilst I was out to dinner with Heather. I turned to look at Heather’s face which had that ‘you didn’t introduce me’ fuming mad look on her face. Sure enough, she had not met them before and had felt awkward standing there whilst I was blabbing about this Target guy. Just when I thought I had been getting better with introductions recently which usually I am terrible at. Numerous times I have becomes so nervous before introducing people that I go blank on the other persons name; I then either have to avoid the introduction or rudely ask the other person/s who I may have met numerous times before, “Sorry what’s your name?” But in this instance I knew her name and was not nervous at all, what went wrong?!
My introducing reputation has again been tarnished and it make take some time to win back.

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