26 July 2007

Things to help you sleep

Saw a cool documentary by Alan Berliner, called ‘Wide Awake’ on the TV the other night about insomnia. I suffer from it occasionally and have had it once or twice since the baby has been born. I thought these were some helpful tips for correcting your sleeping pattern:

-Think how comfortable the bed is how much you appreciate being in bed
-Get up at the same time every day, no matter how much time you’ve slept
-Get sunlight straight after waking and eating breakfast etc (Edit: I also saw another thing on TV the other day that said that looking at the blue sky in the morning helps with your circadian rhythms as well)
This from good ol' wikipedia on circadian rythmns,
The ability of light to reset the biological clock depends on the phase response curve (to light). Depending on the phase of sleep, the light can advance or delay the circadian rhythm. The required illuminance varies from species to species, much lower light levels being required to reset the clocks in nocturnal rodents than in humans.

In addition to light intensity, wavelength (or color) of light is an important factor in the degree to which the clock is reset. Melanopsin is most efficiently excited by blue light

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