14 July 2007

Yeah right!

I read yesterday that sleep is the new sex and I couldn’t agree more right now. In our pre natal classes they discussed babies sleep and feeding patterns and suggested that feeding every few hours is not strange for them and if you think about it we also often snack and or have a drink every few hours. It was a sobering thought at the time of things to come, but we managed to get our heads around it. They also tell you all about this concept of demand feeding, that is you feed the baby every time they demand it and not on some abstract time schedule, once again sounds pretty logical to us.
Fast forward two weeks after the birth to two parents who have endured said amount of time on 2-5 hours of broken sleep each night and you realise that there is no logic to this sleeping and feeding business when it comes to babies. Demand feeding really means that the boob will constantly be out and that by the time you’ve finished feeding them and they have a short break they’ll hungry again. Feeding every few hours, that would be a dream!
This cycle goes on most of the night and by the time day break comes he’s feeling pretty tuckered out buy all that crying and has some naps. Which is another point of contention, people say, “sleep when he sleeps” which sounds like a good idea if you can go with out food and showering; and is also impossible in my case as I don’t/can’t nap!
Last year I read a time magazine article about a drug for narcoleptics* that gets sold on the black market to young urban professionals who want to work all week, party all night long, then get up the next day and go skiing. Taking the drug you can effectively go 40 hours without sleep, have 8 hours sleep then stay up for another 40 hours feeling rested without feeling twitchy or jittery. Now all I want to know is why isn’t this prescribed to parents as they’re checking out of the hospital? Imagine how good that would be!!
If we weren’t deliriously laughing right now we’d be crying, and as any parent will tell you at the end of the day it’s all worth it; and it’ll be a lot more worth it when we can get some sleep around here ;)

*That narcolepsy drug is called Modafinal and you can read about it here.
+The picture is not our baby Elliott, who has more hair and is much cuter!
~Can anyone tell me how to get text under the picture, Ive tried in between the "" thing but it doesn't align I think I need some extra code for that...


Anonymous said...

hi. i stumbled across your comics one day, and come back and visit your blog every so often. congratulations on your little boy. i have a daughter who is seven weeks old now. the sleep thing - it gets better. you will start to feel human again. although i had people tell me that in the really early weeks and i wanted to kneecap them.

awcomix said...

Thanks for dropping by every so often ;) Not sure at what stage there will be comics here but I'm really enjoying doing some real blogging. I always held back from doing it from fear of taking away from my comics too much. Now that I'm having a break from comics I'm finding it a rewarding creative outlet.
Thanks for the advice, it is actually appreciated, it's the sleep when they're sleeping which gets me, it's the obvious oh it's so easy attitude. O well people are trying to be helpful but I feel a bit like a deranged lunatic from lack of sleep ;)
If you have a blog or site let me know