5 August 2007

busy week end.

My daughter Ash is over this weekend and on Friday night we went to the local shopping mall as she just had to get one of these squishy balls that some kids had in her class; She’d been bugging me for it for a couple of weeks now. Whilst we were there I thought I’d take the opportunity to look for a shoulder bag, something that has been eluding me recently. As always when you have something in mind you can’t possibly find anything that comes close to it. In fact all you find are things that are the opposite of what you have in mind.

I always use some sort of shoulder bag to carry around my sketchbook and pens and other miscellaneous items, call it a ‘man-bag’ if you will. I used to use those canvas ones from army disposal stores but I always wore through them real fast. My current bag is actually good and well wearing but I find it like this huge pit where things go in and may not return. I also have a ‘Crumpler’ bag which is awesome as a travel bag for clothes and other items but I find books just get thrown around like they’re in a tumble dryer.

Whilst Heather and I were in Perth last year I came across these great shoulder bags that were well priced, but as we were on holiday and throwing money in all directions, I tried to curb our spending by not buying it then and there. As the trip went on I kept thinking I’d make it back to the store but never did and have kicked myself ever since. I phoned the actual store recently but it’s really hard to confirm what bag it is I’m actually talking about.

Back in the shopping mall with Ash I wander past this ‘surf’ clothing store and pop in for a quick look, the only bags they seem to have that are somewhat in the range of what I’m looking for have garish silk screened pattern and logos all over them. But then upon walking out I noticed a sale table with a bag that looked pretty much like what I was after. It had a logo on it but it was black on black and therefore not very visible. The girl at the store offered to unhook it from the table so I said yes. She then actually had to cut a plastic tie to unhook it which gave me this weird sense of responsibility that I now had to buy it. It was on sale and a decent price too, and I assured myself I could return it if I got home and changed my mind. As you do in that situation I created an imaginary situation that would allow me to take the bag back with out looking weird, I went for the classic ‘it’s for a friend and I’m not sure if they’ll like it, could I return it?’ line, I saw Ash approaching me from the corner of my eye and almost immediately she says, “I thought the bag was for you dad? Isn’t it, isn’t the bag for you?” I tried unsuccessfully to kick her below the counter whilst I was starting to turn red. The girl was actually quiet nice and wrote a note on the receipt that I may return it; as it was a sale time usually they wouldn’t allow it.

Now I’ve been stewing over the purchase all weekend about if I should take it back, would I be too embarrassed would there be too much cat hair on it already?
I do actually really like the bag but the strap is designed weirdly and can not be adjusted to the length I would like it with out some severe and hardy sewing. Plus I’m not even sold if I can accept the brand name silk screened on the front even if it is black on black.

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