19 January 2009

Free comic reminder

I recently remembered that i have this free zine download for offer. It's an A4 shaped zine though, so for those of you in Nth America that use letter sized paper I can't guarantee how it will come out. Details below:

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I have uploaded the PDF of ‘7 Pages #6’ here

1-upload file
2-print on a printer that can do double sided, or print pages one at a time and flip as needed. There are 2 double sided pages in total.
3-Once printed cut all A4 sheets horizontally in the middle of the paper (see pic #2)
4-Arrange according to letters in the middle of the page, first ‘A’ then ‘B’ etc.
5-staple with long arm staple or hand sew pages together.

You now will have a copy for yourself at your own expense instantly

Disclaimer: Obviously the PDF is only intended to be used for printing a personal copy and is not entirely copyright free. Ie don’t take my images makes t-shirts and sell them for $$$

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