21 August 2007

Help out an LJ friend

An LJ friend losttoy is asking for some illustration to pay the bills, This from his site:

Commissioned art sale
Since I have just lost my job and need to pay the bills, I am selling 8" x 10" illustrations for $10 each.

see some of my recent illustrations.

You get a 8" x 10" print mailed to you, postage included (inside the United States, outside please e-mail me for quote).

What to do: just go to http://www.paypal.com/ and "send money" to david(dot)ano(at)gmail(dot)com for $10 US dollars, with a description of what you want.

Anybody interested???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was just scrolling down my friends list when I saw my own art. What is that doing there? I was very confused ... oh, Anthony, you rock!

Thanks for the free promotion on your blog!