7 August 2007


Went to my physio appointment yesterday, the next one may just be my last. I’d had nightmares about secret agents the night before running around in the dark trying to kill each other by snapping their necks. I told him about the dream as I think I was still nervous about the head cracking manoeuvre he preforms. I was able to tell him that the shooting pains and aches have gone. My arm doesn’t feel 100% yet but I do feel it has improved. He corrected my stretches for me as I seemed to be doing them slightly different than how I should have, but I think I’ve got it down now. I asked him if he thought I should resume some drawing activity and he said that I could start a small amount of it, as long I do the stretches before and after. He says that it might even feel strange at first but I should return to a normal sensation soon enough. Although I’m reluctant to start jumping for joy yet, as I’ve had a few false hopes crushed before once I started picking up the pen again.

Elliott is doing well, he sleeps for 4-5 straight at the start of the night now. He’s a little hard to settle after that early morning waking but I think were getting used to it. I’m still not napping but Heather has been able to get some in. He’s coming up to 6 weeks old next Saturday which is famed to be a point of change in babies. Some time for the better or sometimes it marks a bad period, mostly for me I think it signifies a milestone. Maybe it’s because the school terms at work go for six weeks and I’m breaking it up in my head that way, but it pretty much feels that by now we all seem to know each other well and we’ve gone through most of those early trials; which is not to say it’s the end of any trials.

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Anonymous said...

Stretches before sketches? Sounds like the title to your next book ...