27 August 2007

Still drawing which is good. I seem to be able to manage any odd sensations I get and if I do get any it's because I get slack/forget my stretch routines.
At the moment I'm enjoying doing some two panel comics which can be seen on my LJ account. I should probably finish of the beach storyline and also I would like to begin another longer story. Once I do finish the 'Beach' storyline I will have around 40-50 pages of comics to publish, so I'm thinking of doing a monster sized '7 pages Digest' issue to collect it all. I guess I've been tentative to go back to the beach storyline as when I stopped doing it I felt I was in a real creative groove or should I say creative rythmn. So it feels a little hard/strange to try and fathom picking up where I left off.

The last few days I've been imagining making a lulu book that would collect the original '7 pages' (about 21 issues plus a 7 pages digest special between issue #12+13) even just so I can have my own little perfect bound compilation. It'd be Around A6 size and approx 150 pages perfect bound and cost somewhere between $15-20(Aud) Any one else think that'd be cool?

I was going to offer some original comic art for sale here and I still might. I've just chickened out for now

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