12 August 2007


Been doing a little drawing over the last few days which you can see here. Also got some plans in the works for things to do with this website but they're top secret right now so I can't say much until I iron our the kinks.
I recently stopped using google analytics as I loath the beta version. I really did give it a try but it seems to me like all the quick and straight forward options that were on there before (like viewing any selected amount of time in one graph, are gone) so I googled (ha!) another website tracker which seems to be working well (http://www.ewebcounter.com)
I don't go into who was looking , I mainly use it to keep an eye on how many vistors I'm getting and when; otherwise you feel as if you're talking to thin air. I also love to see some of the strange ways people arived at my site, what search words they used can often lead me into searching interesting topics. Like for instance I just saw that theres a google search especially for blogs, whilst this has probably been around for ages I'm a bit slow at times...

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