26 October 2007


It’s been a busy week really. I’ve had all sorts of various jobs on and it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down for at least another week. Fortunately on top of all this work I’ve been able to
keep up my four panels per day schedule (which might sound like a lot or not much depending…) I really feel that if any art practice is to achieve anything it has to have a consistency, not necessarily in style but practice. Maybe there is the odd artist out there who can just pick up the pen or brush every few months and knock out good work but for the rest of us chumps I think it takes daily effort (or weekly depending on your medium, shape size etc) Just like an athlete, you have to train every day.
I think I’m more keen to not let time slip away after my experience with RSI earlier this year. I’m really just so grateful to be able to draw again I don’t want to let one day slip by that I don’t take advantage of it.
Anyways time’s flying and I’m hoping that in a few weeks time I can finally get around to publishing my next comic. It really does have to be done at least by the end of November, mark my words!!!


DaveMahler said...

wow, what a beautiful illustration! was it commisioned? and I can't wait to see a new comic from you, I'm holding you on your word!

awcomix said...

Hey Dave, unfortunately the image isn't mine. I feel like the tortoise though doing four panels a day but slowly getting there. But I guess four panels is a lot.
I have no choice this comic has to be out before the end of November...

DaveMahler said...

just make sure you don't push yourself too much, slow and steady wins the race...god, could I be more corny?