3 October 2007

Lulu reprint of issue #5

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I just got my print on demand test copy of '7 Pages digest #5' that I set up through Lulu.com and it looks amazing! This edition has a colour cover and is over double the size (width x Hight) of the original; which had a B&W cover and was around A6 in size.
I just can't get over what an amazing job they've done at printing it out, I'm now seriously considering publishing my next comic through them.
Go here if you'd to purchase your own copy.
Mine took around 15 days to post from the states to Australia, I'm guessing it would only take a few days if you were in the states or Canada.

PS-A brief explanation may be needed, 'Lulu.com' is a print on demand (POD) service based in the U.S. Which means they can print my book when ever someone wants it which gets rid of the need for and inventory and theoretically I can't sell out a print run. Any one can join and start publishing their material, they even print calenders! Be sure to check out the site for more info.
There are also other sites similar to this one being cafepress.com where you can design and order a whole range of different items like t-shirts and coffee mugs to name a couple.


Sarah Howell said...

Ooo, that looks pretty! I like the colours.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool. The only problem I would have is the price tag. $6.50 for a mini-comic is a little high. I wish POD places were less expensive.