27 October 2007

November fun

The November Art project is an idea I came up with from apelad and other artists who run daily art posting on their sites.

What does it involve?
The November Art project will consist of me making, posting, and offering for sale and artwork that I have created for each day of November.

How much will it cost?
For now the starting bid will begin at $5

Can I buy an Art piece after an auction has finished?
It is possible that I will offer an artwork for sale later on if it doesn’t receive bids on ebay in the 7 days it is available. But this would be at least a month or two down the track and prices would start from around $70. This is your chance to get in early and save.

How do you get the art to me?
I will post the art to you in a padded envelope with bubble wrap. Some artworks may need a few days drying time before they are able to be sent.

Go here to view current auctions

would also like to earmark %10 of the sale of all artworks to go to heifer.org, a charitable organisation that buys livestock to enrich individuals, families and communities to help provide sustenance for themselves. All money will be tallied up at the end of the month and then %10 sent onto heifer with a receipt posted to the blog afterwards.


FM said...

Are you planning to do anything figurative? I would be very interested in a piece with brown hair and a royal blue t-shirt.


All the best,

awcomix said...

Good question!
I realised after posting a few of these image that most people may not have seen any of my mixed media work that deals mostly with textures and patterns. These works always seem to incorporate my drawings somehow...
I only have a few more of these pieces to make and then maybe I'll consider some other work...
(Also could you expand on the blue shirt thing maybe I could do a commission?)