6 November 2007

The Great Gatsby

Comic artist Nicki Greenberg was in town last Sunday so we arranged to catch up over a coffee. Much nerdy talking of pens, paper and comic terminology was had! I actually didn't realise the wide distribution of her recently published comic book adaptation of the novel 'The great Gatsby', the next day I went and bought it at a local bookstore. If you need to measure the progress of comics in the mainstream then use me buying Nicki's large hardcover Australian published book in little old Ballarat as a measurement.
Being new to Nicki's work I was really blown away by the quality of the whole production of the book, the story the art...
My advice, find it, buy it!


Tim Norton said...

haha I know - it's awesome!
Lefa picked up a copy for my brother (an animator) for his xmas present.
Beautiful designs, and such a great adaptation.

made in melbourne said...

Yeah, and now I don't want to give it to him... it's so purty!
Great concept, really enjoyed my quick flick through. I'm dying to have a proper read after it's been officially passed on as a present (and then passed back so I can pour over it).