5 November 2007

November 5

Photograph of painting

Scan of painting

Thought it might be a good time to explain the process of how I've been making these canvas art works, as to give you a better idea of what they actually are (plus if you click the image you'll get a more detailed view)

1-I paint and draw a texture onto the surface of the canvas. I sometimes even use spray cans to achieve some depth in the texture.
2-I very carefully mount a premade artwork on paper to the canvas; The paper is archival cartridge with ink washes and crayon.
3-I continue to check all edges of the paper to make sure mount was sucessful
4-I then need to apply some layers of acrylic medium (the same stuff that I'm using to mount the paper) over the surface.
5-I add a final layer of a turps based varnish (used for oil and acrylic) over the surface as I enjoy the finish it gives and also the satisfaction that the paper mount is defintley secure.

PS- The reason I obsess so much about the mounting and varnishing is that I love to work with collage on both canvas and board. I have had experiences in the past where people have expressed concern over paper staying fixed to the surface (even though the paper would never come off) For these reasons I make sure that the collage elements are totally secure just like the paint of crayon on the piece.

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