18 November 2007

November Art Project

It's with sadness that I have to announce that the November Art Project will be coming to an end tomorrow (Nov 20th). Although it doesn't take long to draw and post the images I realised that the finalising payments and posting artwork will take too much time over the next two weeks. Two weeks that I need to get all my house packed up and ready to move out for Canada. I'm also trying to publish my next comic.

I can say though, that the November project in my eyes has been successful thus far as an experiment in having an online exhibtion. It's something that I will definitely be doing again in future; Most likely the next exhibition will most likely be in the month of January

Thank you for everybody's support and interest in the project

Cheers Anthony

*Image credit:
Norman Ellison (1896–1971)
[Crying child]
Norman Ellison Collection of lantern slides [c.1924–c.1940]
Pictorial Collection

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