29 November 2007

New Comic

My new comic is out!
I can now reveal that it's called 'Lines' and is a 56 pages of new comics. It conatins stories from over the past year such as 'Gary', 'Flood' and 'Beach' as well as some smaller stories. I'm hoping the whole comic should read as one story with chapter breaks.

It should be available from 'Sticky' zine store in Melbourne next week. As I am moving I can only take Australian orders at this stage (and only for the next few days) The comic costs $6 and postage (within Aus) is $1. My paypal address is awcomix yahoocom

I ended up going with 'Reflex' recycled paper for the inside of my comic. I was sure I wanted to use reflex as they state that all of their paper range contains a calcium carbonate buffer which helps fight deterioration from environmental acids over the papers lifespan.
After researching the use of hemp paper I realised the importance of looking for the greener alternatives. I know recycled paper has its problems as it's still is cutting down trees and creating it's own amount of troubles but surely it's better than regular paper.

In other news I'm about to be interviewed live to air on 3cr radio in Melbounre as part of an arts program. They tell me they'll be podcasting sometime in the near future on ozcomics.

I also finished putting together my comic tonight and got the first copy printed off. The rest are to follow tomorrow.


Lumpen said...

Looking forward to seeing it. Can I buy a copy off you on Saturday?

Sarah Howell said...

Did you use the Reflex 100% Recycled or the Reflex Recycled Pure White(which is 50% recycled material)?

I've just been researching recycled paper today after getting annoyed at some correspondence from Virgin Blue that proudly displayed the qualities of the paper it was printed, which included "Elemental Chlorine Free". Elemental Chlorine Free just means they use Chlorine Dioxide instead.

The Wilderness Society have a list of Recycled papers they recommend

DaveMahler said...

can't wait to get this new issue! I'm hoping to go down tomorrow!

Jinja said...

Hi Anthony,

Can I post this on the Comics Lifestyle main blog? I missed this announcement and should do my part to spread the word!

- John