19 December 2007

The antibiotics seem to be doing there job now and I’m starting to feel human again. Strangely enough I haven’t been doing a ton of drawing. I think I have needed just to rest up af6ter a busy few months. I’m also gearing up to start doing research on a large personal comic project which I will project to take at least a year if not more. It’s early days at the moment so I can’t give too much away.
So far I’ve been enjoying myself in my new continent. I feel like I really need to make some contact with some local artists and such which will hopefully happen next month. I also feel that I’ve been doing okay handling the differences that I encounter, just keeping an open mind and trying to take it all in. One thing I found really funny though was the difference in Mobile/cell phone culture between here and Australia. Heather and I found out that one of the phone network here uses sim cards so we could continue using our Aussie phone with a new sim card. Some surprising things were, that we paid not only to make calls but also to receive them and that some mobile/cell numbers are local and some are long distance, depending on where you live I guess and you pay more to phone long distance

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