30 December 2007

Happy new year to all!!

Had a great Christmas with lots of fun food and peoples. Elliott got some great presents.
He also turned 6 months today!! He’s starting to roll a little bit now and he’s also talking quite a bit too, making lots of sounds, even one that sounds like dadada! Ash and I went Ice skating the other day. I almost chickened out of it but I got some skates and jumped one the ice I was deathly afraid at first but sort of got the hang of it after a few laps.
I got my computer finally from Australia, although I have to wait to get a Canadian power cord for it…BAd news is my scanner got smashed in transit!

That’s all for now see you next year ;)

Ps- I’ll be posting a comic in the next few days…


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Anthony to you and your family!

awcomix said...

Thanks! I got your package!!Thanks for the lovely card and print.I showed it off to every one here and they thought it looked fantastic!
All the best you in the new year ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I thought a sled dog might have buried it :) I like all your party hats HAHA!! It's great reading Canada is positive for you all :)