22 December 2007

Lake Winnipeg horizon

I've been in awe at the landscape here in my new surrounds. There's this fantastic view out the sun room across the frozen lake and inbetween 4.30-5.00 when it's getting dark theres is this lovely but very subtle contrast between the lake thand the sky. Perhaps I'll post a photo later if I can take a good one. This picture was done completely in Photoshop without doing any sketches. Also the moniter I used has some whacky colour inconsistancies and streaks in it, so it will be interesting to see it on a normal screen!

In other news I managed to write and draw a new one page comic that I pla to scan and colour when I can (Idon't have my equipment at the moment) I mention this as I was feeling a little sluggish with my drawing since I got here, but I think I'm picking it up again. I've also been reading a fantastic book on writing non-fiction which has been one of thos real eye opening books. I feel as if I have a new understanding about the kind of comics I want to write now.


emilayusof said...

Awesome! Great minimalism!

dianeclancy said...

Very Beautiful!!

~ Diane Clancy

Anonymous said...

So lovely and sophisticated! beautiful!

a : )