16 December 2007

Week 1

We’ve just completed our first week here in Canada. I had a weird kind of jet lag due to a different flight time. The different flight time was caused by our flight being delayed a day. We’d stayed in Melbourne the night before we had to leave then got up early for a flight to Sydney. Upon arriving we were told the flight had been delayed in Honolulu and that we’d be put up in a motel until the flight was ready. Sounds simple in type but the logistics of waiting in lines for hours, reclaiming baggage, finding a supermarket for more baby supplies made it much less simple.
Once we got here though we were able to relax and rest, which is something we’d hadn’t done for a while in the mad rush that it was before we left for Canada.
The jet lag only really took a few days but then the other morning I woke up with a sore throat, which got progressively more painful until my ears, head and body were in immense pain and I was shivering and shaking with a fever. I had put off going to see a doctor as the last time I thought I had tonsillitis it turned out to be viral and not bacterial and also not being a resident yet I have no health coverage. Heather ended up taking me into the local hospital and the fever was getting pretty intense. Which was a good thing as I did actually have tonsillitis and needed antibiotics. The visit cost me a couple of hundred but was still cheaper than claiming insurance, and was the only way I was going to get better!
I’m looking forward to the coming week when I’ll be starting to feel better and my body clock should be completely in tune with this time zone!
I have a possible job lead too which I’ll find out more about on Monday.

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Nicki Greenberg said...

Get well, chico! Hope you have a lovely and very snowy Christmas. Looking forward to comic tales from O Canada.