15 February 2008

Feb #015

Click image to view larger.
4.5” x 5.7” inches (11.5 x 14.5cm)
ink on Hemp and Recycled paper

I saw this pile of chopped of tree parts the other day (actually there were three) it seemed quite surreal to me, or maybe like intentional environment Art. Anyway it moved me enough to want to draw it to try and convey it to you.


Michael said...

Spare change, anyone?

awcomix said...

These were spotted on the assinaboine river skate trail. Although I went past today and all that was left was big dark smouldering pits of ash, speaking of which I should draw!

Michael said...

You could turn it into a comic with the title "eliminating the deficit."

Perhaps over your head as a new Canadian...

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I'm currently really getting into HEROES as well.