14 February 2008

Feb update

We’re almost halfway through the February art project so I thought I take the time to check in and clarify some finer points of the project that people have asked.

-The project is running through February, each day a new drawing is posted. There will be 29 drawings in total.

-If you’re viewing the site from Australia it may appear that I’m posting the drawings late, but remember that Australia lives a day in the future due to the magic of international time lines.

-Each drawing is up for sale through this blog or through my etsy.com store, it’s up to you.

-I'll try and post both a scan and a photo of the drawing. The scans usually come out brighter and the photos a little darker. If you click on the image you'll get an enlarged version which gives a better idea.

-If you like a piece I can put a hold on the piece you like, this means that instead of buying straight away you can hold it until a desired time.

-If you don’t have a paypal account but would still like to purchase a drawing email me and we can work something else out.

Other wise I hope you’re enjoying the show so far!

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