1 March 2008


I guess it’s time that I should tell you about what this big surprise ending to the February Art Project is. I’ve been kind of reluctant to commit myself to it actually, but here goes...

The project will not end but in fact evolve into a new project called

‘99 Doodles’

That’s right, I’m going to go until I reach 99 drawings. As if I wasn’t nervous enough about finishing the month of February, but here I am launching myself into this new task of completing almost 100 drawings.

Thus far I feel really happy about the collection of drawings I have made and I’m keen to keep going on some of the themes I’ve hit upon like quilts and urban landscapes. This might be tough to complete the whole thing so I kindly ask you to come and visit often and leave a comment when you can.

Once again all drawings in the project will be for sale for only $20, this time though I’ll have to add $4 for postage to these newer pieces ($20+$4 postage anywhere in the world.) The will be the same dimensions and on the same fantastic Hemp and recycled art quality archival paper.

You can still get the first months drawings from my etsy.com store for only $20.

Thanks for all you support, wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally stoked to participate in your project. I think all the participants should print out their results upon completion, bind them, and we can trade with all the other participants. We can even have a group show somehow, dontcha think? Lemme know!

awcomix said...

Glad to hear it! Yeah a books would be good. If I made them myself it may have to come in three parts due to size. Or I was thinking I could make a lulu book which would be perfect bound

Christina Colwell said...

Okay! I'm in. Doodle fever frequently besets. I'll make a new album in Flicker "99 Doodly Doos"