10 March 2008

Thought it was about time that I did something resembling a written blog post. I’ve been posting drawings from the 99 Doodles project like mad here the last few days, I’ve also been trying to do some journal comics and still keep working on some collage pieces which I’ve been getting some outside interest in; I even got a commission to do a large one for a friend on the weekend (yes I do commissions).

It took me awhile to be able to make these collage pieces and not feel like I was cheating on my comic art and visa versa. But usually the comics wind up in the collages somehow. I find the collages a refreshing thing to do as well, especially if I’ve been doing lots of drawing.
After years of struggling between the two I feel I’ve been able to reconcile the differences between the two different styles and they can indeed live side by side. This probably happened either at the end of my third year of art school or at least at the start of my honours year.

I also finally just watched ‘How to draw a Bunny’ the documentary on Ray Johnson. Ray Johnson is one of my all time favourite artists. The more I look at his work the more I like it. I also really like how his artwork was always very playful and never overly self important. It’s too bad he had to jump off that bridge though. I always wonder if the advent of the internet made him feel irrelevant or should I say made his practice seem obsolete to himself. Kind of like a small store closing when a walmart opens next door.

This has also stimulated my desire to do some more collage work. I find I make my best work when I can trick myself into not thinking about it. I occasionally do these test pieces when I want to try out a new technique which always seems to work really well but when I try to make something it fails. Some things that I find help are:

1-don’t think, jut sit down and make something
2-do multiple pieces at a time

3-Don’t think that you are making ‘Art’

4-K.I.S.S principle

5-Have fun

I made the two small pieces (top of post) last night. My new dilemma is should I leave the pieces black and white of add subtle colours and furthermore should I add drawn elements. You see once again I get a success and start thinking about it too much.


DaveMahler said...

have you ever done water colour over your collages? you could try different things, like staying the lines and using a more realistic approach to something that is very abstract, or you could embrace the abstractness and instead use a sketchy, blotchy, running water colour cover. i suggest water colour because you can paint right over the black and the black will still be visible.

awcomix said...

Yeah I've played around with that kind of thing for a couple of years. I find watered down inks work even better in terms of staying of the black. I did a series of photocopy prints that had ink washes in my third year of art school. I'm thinking of trying to hold back on the colour and stick to B&W collages