27 April 2008

Day 27

I had this idea today as I was walking past one of the few telephone (or is it electricity?) poles near our place that get posters stapled to them. The have this neat collection of old staples and corners of old bill posters. I suddenly had the idea to glean some scraps and make a collage out of them. Not a new idea by any means I saw a work at the NGV two years ago from the 60's that did something similar on a much larger scale (although that was with B&W fragments of letter to create a typographic kind of collage) Plus I recently saw some closeup photographs of some of these ploes that showed the unique layering of staples and old paper fragments. But being a sucker to dirty old billboards and rotting wood this idea popped out of my past work as a natural continuation more so than a following on of the other works I mentionedCollage on illustration board, approx '10.5cm x 15cm'

I'm also keen to upload to to etsy as soon as I can with a writeup on the uniqueness of the piece

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