8 April 2008

Thoughts, comments

I thought it was time to take stock of my 99 Doodles project and see if I can get some input from any of the silent eyes out there. First, I’ll do a little explaining myself.

For me this project has been a chance to really get down to the bare bones with my drawing. I tear up a piece of hemp paper in four after folding it. I now have four mini pieces of paper I have to do something on. I started off with characters and text as I can always find weird characters floating around in my head and if you let me I might even do 99 Yhetti drawings. I then started getting into drawings of buildings as I found Winnipeg urban landscape fascinating, still do.

Then at number 39 something changed in me. I had this darkness that needed to come out. I was sick of crosshatching and creating ‘well drawn’ pieces. I needed to vent this frustration inside me, something about making a loud and hard statement. The sharp contrast and thick marks saying definitely what was right and wrong. I’ve felt like I've had my fair share of what I consider wrong the last couple of months, it’s been a doozie.

Further more the black drawings are also about irony, they’re black but if you look closely they’re made up of flimsy tiny lines, I colour them in badly deliberately. I’m also taking these meaningless comic advertisements and images and trying to imbue them with a sense of mystery and importance. Some of the irony also comes from that these drawings could be quite attractive or cute but the are made ugly and harsh.

Maybe that’s a little too much information but I felt they had to be explained as I have not had very many comments on them and haven’t sold a single one (Plus Heathers doesn’t like the black drawings)

Anyway, I’m open to opinion let me know what you think of the series so far, what you like and don’t like maybe even what you hope to see in the last 30 or so doodles…


Unknown said...

Hi Anthony,
Surprised to read about the conflict that comes with these drawings. I only clued into the 99 when you were already on the high-contrast stuff and we've been loving them. From the Yhetti (!) to Fight With Force, to Machine Wash Warm, Sheer Face, and 60 Inch Wingspan, they are surprising, contrasting warmth and austerity, curious and clever. We think they'd be an awesome book (ooh, a CHILDREN'S book!) or series of postcards. Looking forward to what comes out in ink as you get closer to 99.

David Ano said...

I have been paying attention and did notice the change. However, I did not comment because I got it. I already understood all of what you said. Why no comments? Hmm, when an image speaks for itself ... (shrugs). You know we both worry when we do not get comments. Does that mean we are doing something right or wrong? In this case it means right. I am surprised one of the X-Men images hasn't sold yet.

I like the black image, but I think personally I like the urbanscapes a bit more. They make me feel good looking at them and the are very well crafted. On the other hand, they do not express much, so that is why I also like the black images. I have also found that they tend to be more expressive than your underground comix style.

Forget what anybody else thinks. Draw what you feel you need to draw. Once you feel you have gotten the black out of your system, then go back to drawing Yetti if you want. You are the one who came up with the 99 number. Make it 365 doodles if you need to.

awcomix said...

Thanks for the detailed feedback the both of you. I really appreciate it.
I know that I have to do these drawings even if people don't like them or don't buy them. It's not important to me just to create stuff so it could sell.
I guess further more I want to add that even more of the irony of these drawings is that even though they are dark/black the are also playfull and fun.