23 June 2008

I bought a set of Kohinoor rapidograph pens (technical pens, just like rotering and steadtlet make) from ebay for $40 which was a bargain. I'd heard lots or good reports about the brand so I was confident I would like them.

The main reason I brought a set was to get a 0.7 or 0.8 pen but the set only goes up to 0.6.

I also got the set thinking I'd had a back up for my 0.5 which I use for all my comic drawing these days, but I don't like the feel of this 0.5 pen, which I can only put down to the the fact that I'm so used of my steadtler 0.5 pen.
Add to this that I don't really use the smaller sizes at all I'm wondering now what I can actually do with the set...
Is anyone interested in buying the set or at least one or more of a particular size that they need? I'd be willing to sell them for $10 each or $40 for the set and I'll even chuck in some ink. The sizes are:



Amy Devereux said...

stop the presses, hold the phone...

Hi anthony!

i know someone who would be very interested in your pens (he's been talking about them for a while) - are they still up for purchasing? how much for postage to oz? email me back , amy.devereux@gmail.com,
hope all is well,
amy d

Anonymous said...

Hey Antonio,
What Up?! I've been thinking about getting finer pen - are they worth it though?! I mean if you don't like them then would I?
Anyway hope things are well I'd possibly be in the market for you .3