4 July 2008




Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony,

Having lived overseas in both PNG for two years and the UK for two years I know how difficult it can be. Though i never had to deal with a child on top of it all. Hope it goes well for you and i'm loving the daily strips. Lovely little slices of life.

Inspiring me to keep a diary of similar stuff. Are you gonna collect em for the next 7 pages or do you something else in mind?

Best wishes.]
John Retallick

awcomix said...

I'm itching to collect these latest strips but I'm trying to figure out how to go about not including the strips from when we first moved as I want to publish them as a complete story start to finish.
So I'm thinking of starting the collection from the start of the daily strips and weighing in at around 50-60 pages.
Thanks for the support