6 July 2008


Hope this doesn't come across that I think I don't have faults. We all have faults but when you look for them they seem to hide behind our ego.


David Ano said...

I do not think you need to put that disclaimer at the bottom. Reading your journal and your comics for so long we know you are not perfect and we know that you are not conceded. I have been asked the question a lot and it is difficult to answer, because I always try to do my best at work. I try to come up with some answer that sounds like it might be a fault but is also a good point too. Like I work too hard or am too focused on my work and my wife hates it when I work late.

And god, as much as it is important to prep yourself for an interview and go over the questions before hand to be prepared for the actual interview, having to interview yourself can drive yourself crazy. I almost never get sleep the night before going through my work history and possible interview questions that I cannot sleep. Ack!

awcomix said...

It went not too bad. but haven't heard back yet...