1 July 2008


I get attacked by mosquitoes and then can't sleep for thinking of aliens and ufo's!


David Ano said...

I have been reading Diablo Cody's book about being an unlikely stripper which has been giving me simular troubles sleeping.

awcomix said...

Oh thats sounds interesting what's it called? I can't seem to stop thinking and readings about UFO's lately it's become an obsession!

David Ano said...

The book is called "Candy Girl" by Diablo Cody. It is made by the writer of the movie Juno, but is not half as good. It is an autobiography who is a copy typist from Minnesota decides to go to an amateur night at a local strip club but then continues to make it a night job. It is almost a journalistic view behind the scenes, but for the author almost overwhelming geekiness. I have only read half the book, so I cannot write a good review yet.