12 July 2008

Swimming and bad movie



Jeope said...

That cuts it. I'm officially scratching that movie off my list.

awcomix said...

I just saved you $5!
Maybe some one of a younger generation, ie 12-16 who doesn't know about the Beatles or the time the movie set and loves movies with singing and dancing may like the film. For everyone else I'd bet you money that you couldn't sit through the whole thing without scoffing or at least laughing at how ridiculous it is.
Another one we got which was actually good was called 'The day after tomorrow' a doco on life after being a child star in the musical Annie.

DaveMahler said...

ha ha, tel me about it! i started the movie on the plane ride back from japan, watched half of that opening song and switched to that ben stiller movie (which was alos pretty shit...)

awcomix said...

That was actually 'Life after tomorrow' I think