13 August 2008


Lately I've been really getting into Elliott's Smith's music after getting his whole catalogue from a friend a year ago. It took me a little while to fully get into it at first but now I find myself playing it on a constant loop. I go through these stages with music and become obsessed by a certain sound of music or a particular album.

Lately I’ve had the urge to hear more of a male musician who also plays piano and or guitar (preferable piano). Not being knowledgeable about music history and or terms especially how it relates to popular music I have no idea of how to go about finding a good example of what I have in mind. For some reason the sound in my mind has a male voice, also I already have an extensive collection of female folk/independent singers so I’m looking to compliment that sound

It’s really hard when your totally ignorant of a certain field but interested to know more. You feel like even just by inquiring someone will scoff at your ignorance or laugh at your tastes. This is why it’s really good that comics are getting into libraries so the regular person doesn’t have to deal with ‘comic shop guy’ to get into comics.

Can anyone out there help me find this music I’m looking for? Male…piano…
Names, anyone?

Ps-there was a song on JJJ (Australian radio station) last year that had a song that had a male on piano. Frustratingly I can’t exactly remember the lyrics something about promising his wife and daughters not to drink…He sounded American


Jeope said...

I've just realized most of my library is female singers, top of which would be Emily Haines (solo, on piano, is very much like Mr. Smith). Th only guys on piano we have are Tom Waits (naturally), and Josh Ritter, who plays some piano – especially on "The Animal Years" – but not always. But some good guy-and-a-guitar acts that are similar to Smith would be Iron & Wine and Sufjan Stevens.

awcomix said...

Wow thanks for all the suggestions will look through youtube to check them out. I like Tom waits too ;)

DaveMahler said...

sufjan stevens, ben folds (plays piano and sings, he's incredible!), Bulent Ortacgil (specifically the song benimle oynar misin. seriously.), antony and the johnsons, sigur ros, vampire weekend (not so much piano and male voice, theyre just freakin awesome.)
i'll let you know if i remember any others.

Anonymous said...

Considering you are hiding out there in Canada, I recommend an artist called Jonathan Keeley, his music sounds like something that might suit you: http://jonathankeeley.com/
Good luck!

By the way, I love your vintage illustrations with your take on the animal, especially the skunk! Heeee.