8 August 2008


Thought I'd give an update on things here at awcomix studios. I just wanted to say thanks to the readers for coming back and reading every day and making the occasional comment, it really helps sustain the energy needed to keep things going. Feel free to comment any time it doesn't have to be about the comic itself or be praise etc, just anything that comes to mind. Also feel free to link to my blog or a particular comic. Does any one use those dig or stumble upon sites?

I'm still using the blue lead pencils and I really find it suits the way I work. Lately they have been looking green which is a little sliding of the hue bar in image adjustments just for something different. I'm just about to start a new sketchbook, luckily I have a few left still of the ones I like from Australia. I've been looking into ordering some of these 'Bare Books' that I used a few years back. The paper's great with the tech pens, I only stopped using them as I preferred spiral bound books over hard cover books (easier to sit on you lap and draw with) plus I could only get them in Vancouver which can be tricky when you live in Australia. The company does have spiral bound books it turns out, although they are only the soft cover version. I'll probably order the spiral and just tear sheets out to draw comics on.

This coming month should be interesting as some serious decisions need to be made about the viability of staying in Canada VS the benefits of moving back to Australia. Which all comes down to employment opportunities in either country. Like I’ve mentioned before it’s been a tough year but also a rewarding one too.

I’ve also figured out what I want my next book to be and most of the material is done for it, I just have to start the long task of proofreading and scanning; You might not believe if you’ve read my comics before but they do get proof read numerous times…typos etc still mange to find their way in though!

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