1 January 2009

Top 6 for 2008

Here's some comics whilst they did not come out this year I still enjoyed reading them this year and stayed in my mind...(in no particular order)

1-'Stuck rubber baby'-Howard Cruse(link)
The book has a strange art style that is kind of appealing and repulsive at the same time. Sometimes I felt like there was just way too much detail in the art, over crosshatching and stipling. The art aside this comic is big and inturn read like a novel, as there was time to develop the story and characters over the many pages. The story really stuck with me and often pops back up in my head. Worth reading.

2-'Buddy does seattle' colection'-Pete Bagge (Link)
Not having read much 'Hate' before it took me by surprise that I enjoyed this buddy collection so much. I had many laugh out loud moments and really got into the characters a lot. I even managed to enjoy the book even though the the libraries copy smelled like it had been sitting in an ashtray!

3-'Chaos mission'-Peter Lorenz (Link)
Picked this up as the scratchy artwork appealed to me. The first few pages were tough to get into but as the story started to roll along I was hooked. This book will be a big influence on my future work and I hope I can keep up with Peter lorenz's career.

4-'La perdida' Jessica Abel (Link)
I had heard a lot about this book which often puts me off reading a book, thinking that I already know too much about it. After listening to the inkstuds interview I had to rush out to the library and pick it up. It was great read and I enjoyed the style greatly, my only criticism would be that parts felt slightly wooden and formulaic but still an excellent book.

5-'Paul gets a summer job'-Michael Rabagliati. (Link)
The simple cover of this book was deceiving, but I found myself deeply moved and entertained reading this book. I loved reading the other books in this series as well. A rare instance of a comic that is really emotionally touching (as it's hard to do in Art, easier in music)

6-'Pyongyang'-Guy Delisle. (Link)
Another one I had heard a lot about. Whilst the art style is not greatly to my liking (simple and functional really) it was really interesting to get an insight into North Korea, which in turn changed my outlook on the current world we live in. My only criticism would be that at times he comes across as being extremely culturally insensitive, which is perhaps more pronounced in his other work 'Shenzhen'.

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