7 December 2008


Have been slowly moving into the new place the last couple of days so expect some patchy posting.

The move has got me excited about collecting some of the art work I have lying around (mine but mostly others) and actually putting them up around the house. My collection mainly consists of works on paper and prints. This lead me to get carried away and order a $20 print from garypanter.com store. This inturn lead me to thinking I’d like to create a small and affordable print, something around $20 if you’re thinking of putting up a little art around the place. I have more details on that soon.
I am looking forward to having our own place after months of living out of a suitcase, I think it will be much more conducive to doing daily comics and getting more artwork done in general.

Also can any one help me with a problem. In Canada I heard of using freezer paper to do stencils on T-Shirts. The glossy side of the paper can be ironed onto the fabric to make a perfect crisp stencil. I was all excited about this but after walking down the isles of an Aussie supermarket I could see no such thing.

My question is then, can I buy freezer paper (cheaply that is) or anything like it in Australia? Alternatively what adhesive can I use to stick fabric to paper that will wash off in water, perhaps just kids craft glue?


Tim Norton said...

I did that once - it worked kinda well. I can't remember if I used freezer paper, or oven paper though... I think it might have been oven paper.

awcomix said...

I read on a site that spotlight carries it? Will have to check it out...

awcomix said...

Yep, spotlight does carry it, ask for it at the counter. Only costs $1.50 per metre