28 January 2009

Stupidity tries

I went and visited my favourite copy store today in the sweltering heat (somewhere around 40’ even hotter inside the copy store) this in turn led to me accidentally giving myself the night off from comics, as I left my bag with sketchbook and pens in the store…

In other news I have been enormously productive this last week completing two mail art projects, setting up future work prospects and starting some new artistic collaborations. Now if only I could get around to putting the finishing touches on my next book, of which I have to draw the front and back cover and scan the inside pages. I have ordered an extra 1gb ram for my computer in anticipation of the mammoth task of scanning 50-60 at 1200 DPI!

I have also been adding a new item each week to my etsy store, and currently have the last remaining copy, to my knowledge, of 7 Pages digest #5 (that is on top of my own personal copy which I must remember to keep)

No new T-shirts recently but there is still a good range there, and one of these days I will get around to ordering myself one of my 'Play' T-shirts

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DaveMahler said...

ooh, how exciting! can't wait for the new book!