5 March 2009




Christopher Downes said...

Briony and I are mad fanatics of LOST. If you get on the website, you can read episode dissections that will make your brain explode.

I really like the splashes of colour you added to this comic. The text balloons really stand out. And is there just the faintest shade of difference used for the skin tones?

awcomix said...

The comics says it all. I'm loving this new season. Currently watched up to episode number 8 (just finished 7) I think I need to go to the site to fill in some gaps.

Good spot on the skins tones I really should have made that stand out more!

Jack Kent said...

There's so many t.v. shows I have to catch up on. Lost is one of them. I've never seen ONE episode but I know I'd get hooked.