4 March 2009


I highly recommend this freezer paper technique to make one off shirts.


Jeope said...

What's the word on how long the design lasts with this technique? A good lifespan? I am intrigued.

awcomix said...

Sorry it took me awhile to respond! Basically it is as good as the fabric paint you are using. I have had bad experiences with craft store tshirt paint being too stiff. For this I used proper screen printing ink/paint.
The freezer paper gives you a perfectly flush stencil and you don't need tabs so more complicated designs are possible

awcomix said...

But perhaps you meant whats the life of the stencil, it's a one off job unfortunately. But I am looking into the possibilty of using it with screens. Which may mean you could get 5-10 maybe more with out using any emulsion darkroom etc.