22 May 2009



This is a comic I did last year which I was really happy with. I wanted to do a whole series of them in this style but never got the chance (I think I wrote at least another one or two) When I saw the theme for this weeks Illustration Friday I immediately thought of this comic. I am pleased to say that my life has more direction these days, things are definitely looking up.

You may have noticed I have been trying to update with something here every Wednesday, an interview, review or interesting link.
I am still kept busy from doing comics from my course. The course is going well but I am really looking forward to having the last couple of assignments in the bag.

I thought I would give twitter a try and have been playing around with it for a few weeks now. Those of you who read this through a feedreader may not have noticed the twitter feed in the sidebar. I am finding it enjoyable and short enough to do in little bursts, I guess that is the whole point.
I have my usual screen name of 'awcomix' so feel free to follow if you have an account.


John said...

Great comic.

awcomix said...

Thanks sorryguy, I've been enjoying your comics lately too ;)