11 June 2009

Comic for Colt 45

Last year I was told about Vice magazine looking for comic artists to do comics for an advertising feature for the beer Colt 45. I was jobless and desperate for any work I could get, so I went ahead and made a submission. Funny enough it was selected and I was asked to even do it in colour.
Looking back I feel weird about the comic. I do not think it would of been something i would have done if I was not desperate. I expected to get paid a decent amount but as it turned out the page rate was quite low for an advertising feature.

I never did receive the cheque for doing it, and I was unable to follow it up. Good news is I have contacted them again and different person is helping me sort this out.

In other news, the New Yorker features an excerpt of Crumb's new book.


Jeope said...

I like these panels. But yeah, nab that cheque!

awcomix said...

I pulled out the stops for this one, used a nib to ink it and pens for lettering and panel borders